Rescobie Associates, Inc

1415 Chapin Street, NW Suite 506
Washington, DC 20009


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Emergency / Disaster Response

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RESCOBIE ASSOCIATES, INC SPECIALIZES IN PUBLIC HEALTH, MANAGEMENT AND PREPAREDNESS. The principal associate, Tim Stephens, has worked on the forefront of governmental public health management issues for more than 10 years. He currently serves as the public health advisor to the National Sheriffs Association.Rescobie assembles teams of practitioners to assist businesses, associations, and public health agencies assess the resiliency and applicability of their practices in the face of emerging threats. Rescobie is concentrating in efforts to assist organizations as they prepare for, manage and recover from a pandemic flu outbreak. Otherareas of expertise and current projects: - development of exercise criterion for pandemic flu and other catastrophic events; - recruitment strategies and evaluation of human resource needs; - meeting design, marketing and facilitation.