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Current trends in health care have increased the demand for public health professionals. Individuals possessing a Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) degree hold positions of responsibility in a variety of settings, including health care facilities, county health departments, social service agencies, universities, and community-based health organizations. The Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine M.P.H. Program provides a generalist, graduate-level program designed to prepare students to define, critically assess, and resolve public health problems. It emphasizes acquisition of knowledge and skills for promoting health, preventing disease, developing and evaluating programs, conducting research, and providing community service.

The Nova Southeastern University M.P.H. Program, accredited by the Council of Education in Public Health (CEPH), offers a generalist M.P.H. degree that requires a minimum of 42 semester hours of study. This consists of 27 semester hours of required core courses, including a public health field experience (6 semester hours) and a minimum of 15 semester hours of public health elective courses.

Coursework may be taken on a full-time or part-time basis. M.P.H. students are required to complete their course of study within five years of matriculation. A full-time student may be able to complete the requirements within two years. The M.P.H. degree may be completed onsite or online. The curriculum for the two options is identical, although the modality of instruction is different. The program also offers a Spanish-language version of the online M.P.H.
Onsite classes are offered in the evening and are generally scheduled one evening per week. An onsite orientation is required at the beginning of the program. A capstone experience is organized at the end of the program prior to graduation.
The schedule of course offerings and other pertinent information about the program are available by accessing