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We offer the most comprehensive range of accredited public health graduate degree programs in Oregon and are gaining momentum and enthusiasm as the state's first and only accredited college of public health. Our interdisciplinary approach, research centers, and focus on both rural and urban health will enrich your educational experience and set you apart in this evolving profession.

Through rigorous academic programs and a diverse range of research endeavors, gain the theoretical foundations, applied research techniques and professional skills to function effectively in reducing risks, promoting health and preventing premature disease and disability in human populations.

Choose from a comprehensive range of graduate degree options:
Biostatistics (MPH)
Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (MPH, PhD)
Epidemiology (MPH, PhD)
Exercise and Sport Science (MS, PhD)
Health Management and Policy (MPH, PhD)
Health Promotion and Health Behavior (MPH, PhD)
Human Development and Family Sciences (MS, PhD)
International Health (MPH)
Nutrition (MS, PhD)

Oregon State University's e-Campus offers an online graduate certificate in public health. Credits earned from the six courses in this program may be applied toward an MPH. Find out more at

With more than 3,000 students and 25,000 alumni, the college strives to ensure lifelong health and well-being for every person, every family and every community.

We respond to the most challenging public health issues facing us today, focusing on prevention strategies to promote health and prevent disease across the lifespan, from healthy children to healthy aging. We teach and conduct pioneering research that addresses optimal nutrition for health, overcoming poverty and hunger, changing inactive lifestyles, promoting optimal nutrition for health, preventing disease, addressing health policy and health systems transformation, and developing effective interventions that will control and prevent environmental and occupational health hazards.

Inspired by our mission as a leading land-grant university, we create synergy in teaching, research, and outreach to develop the next generation of globally minded public health and human sciences professionals. Through interdisciplinary research and innovative curricula, we advance knowledge, policies and practices that improve population health in communities across Oregon and beyond.